Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ecuadorian Ceviche - iSa's Style

Type: Starter
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time: 30 - 40 mins
Servings: 7-8 Portions (depending on portion size)
  • 800 gr Dorado or Yellowtail Fish Fillet (no skin) 
  • 1 big red onion or 2 small ones 
  • 1 bunch coriander 
  • 6 lemons / 4 lime (depending what is available, buy extra as the amount depends on how juicy they are) 
  • 3 oranges 
  • Pepper trio (1/4 Red Pepper, 1/4 Yellow Pepper, 1/4 Green Pepper) 
  • 2 tbsp plain yellow mustard 
  • 2 tbsp Tomato Sauce 
  • Sea salt 
  • Ground Black Pepper 
  • Cayenne Pepper Canola Oil
  • 1 cucumber 
  • 2 Tomatoes 
  • 2 packs Golden Oven-Baked Crackers 
  • 1 pack Plain Nachos
  • Hot sauce of your choice (Tabasco or Lea-Perrins will go well) 

How to cook the fish: Cut the fish into bit size cubes, of the cubes are about 2x2cm then it'll take around 30-40 min to cook, if they are smaller, it will take less time. I personally prefer to cut it in bigger pieces as it keeps the moisture and sea flavor from the inside of the flesh. Then place the cubes in a bowl and cover with enough lemon or lime juice, so that the fish is wet, but not fully soaked. Allow the fish to cook in the juice at room temperature (yes, no pot required, the lemon juice will do the job). 

Put together your Ceviche: In the meantime, chop the onion and the peppers brunoise style (small cubes), get the juice from the oranges, and have the rest of the ingredients at hand. Poke the fish to see if it has tenderized and if the flesh has turned white (like when it's cooked) on the outside. To see if it's ready I also pick one of the thicker pieces and cut it in 2 and if it's still too raw in the inside, wait a little longer. Then, when it's ready, season it with the cayenne and black pepper, the mustard, tomato sauce, coriander, oil and salt. Stir in the onion and pepper trio and soak it all with the remainder of the orange juice. Stir well and taste for salt and acidity, if too acid you can level it down with orange juice (if sweet) or with a bit more tomato sauce. 

Serve: Place two serving spoonfuls in a bowl and decorate with 2 slices of cucumber and 2 of tomato, you can also keep a bit of fresh finely chopped coriander to sprinkle on top. Serve with the Crackers and/or Nachos for choice and pour in a bit of hot sauce if you enjoy the heat. Ceviche makes a wonderful summer day Starter! (although we recently made it for a sunny winter day).

I dedicate this recipe to the friends (You guys know who you are...) who we recently had the fortune of sharing this Ceviche with, all new friends but friends for long we trust!

Love, iSa


  1. Ahh what great timing! We have just come back from Mexico and at so much Ceviche! I love it! Was telling James that I need to get a recipe! It looks great and is diet compatible :) As its summer here, i'll definitely give it a go!! Thank you x

  2. Hi Jess, so glad to know you liked it! As you said, it's diet compatible, so no guilt in having seconds ;) Hope you guys enjoy it! You may be able to get plantain chips in the UK (in a latino market or something, he he), if you do that is the ideal side dish for the Ecuadorian Ceviche. Although it may be better to cook them a bit, you can also try it with prawns! Beijos, iSa


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