Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Good Food Studio (Pick n Pay) - Indian Cooking Class

Photo: Pick n Pay website
First of all, apologies for the long absence, but have been busy looking for my dream job lately and hope you can understand that it has taken priority at the moment. I also felt the two long weeks of no writing, I missed it terribly and I have so much to tell you about!!!

The other night my friend Sonia and I went to try our culinary skills and learn some more. We headed to The Good Food Studio in the Pick n Pay on William Nicol. 

Photo: Pick n Pay website
We stumbled upon these cooking classes at The Good Food Studio via our daily email intake of Groupon special promotions... 

Just to fill you in quickly, in case you haven't heard about Groupon, it's a very nice way to access hot deals in your city of choice, including cooking classes, restaurant meals, Laundry and other great bargains usually at a discount of over 50%! So, one day a cooking class voucher promotion arrives at my inbox and of course, food lover as I am, I recruited my friend Sonia to come with.

We booked in advanced for the class that interested us most from the schedule published on their website, the Indian Cooking class. A fully fledged, modernly decorated and fully equipped cooking studio filled with enthusiastic food lovers awaited. We proceeded to get some drinks from the bar for our dinner and there was a very limited but affordable wine list available, we chose a Rose and carried on to the cooking studio itself. I was very surprised to see the quality of the setup, with various top of the line working an cooking stations, lockers to store away your belongings and we each also got an apron and cloth for the evening. 
We had two Chefs hosting us, teaching and checking that we didn't burn the food or ourselves. A handful of Recipes were passed on to us and the cooking began. Throughout the evening we would all gather around the Chef's station to watch and learn how it's done and then proceed to our stations to carry on the tasks and get the various recipes done and at the end feasted on our creations. We learned how to cook Lamb Samoosas, Naan Bread, Cucumber Raita and the best Chicken Korma I've ever tried!

I have to say, the Chefs and the other attendees in the class were great and with the company of my good friend, we had lots of fun. I would highly recommend checking it out. It's probably a great plan for an evening out to eat and enjoy quality time with your couple, with a friend or just to add more recipes and culinary skills to your acumen.


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