Sunday, May 3, 2015

ADDIS IN CAPE - Ethiopian Restaurant

Address: 41 Church St, Corner Long & Church Street,, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
Phone:021 424 5722

WHAT TO EXPECT: The colorful ambience full of meaningful details, transports you to a place you may not know but you're about to discover. I find people either love this restaurant or are not at all interested, but for me the experience is part of the meal and in its rustic feel lies its authenticity.
There are no forks and knifes, just your hands and a roll of what seems like a hand towel, but is indeed an ethiopian crepe you tear and use as needed to scoop your bite out of the big sharing dish in front of you.
THE FOOD: An uncomplicated meal in terms of flavours, but very earthy and the combinations make it an interesting affair. We had the lunch platter for R99 per person which included some curried chicken and beef stew (the beef was my favourite), stewed mushy chickpeas and lentils (I loved the lentils), mushrooms and tomato stew, tomato salad and a side of veggies (which was rather tasty). All and all, a balanced meal, worth the money and appealing to my enjoyment for tasting different flavours.
We didn't explore the wine menu as we were feeling like beer. The coffee is also quite a worthwhile experience on its own, which we have done before.
If you're an explorer and don't mind eating with your  hands, this is a fun and interesting  way of exploring a piece of Ethiopian culture, one bite at a time.

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