Monday, March 26, 2012

Roots Restaurant - Craddle of Humankind and Modern Cuisine

During this last year I've had the delightful opportunity of visiting Roots Restaurant in the Forum Homini Hotel, Located in the Cradle of Humankind 3 times. I've been wanting to narrate every single experience there, but every time we take so many pictures and I feel I have so much to say, that I end up delaying the task of writing about it. Thus, I have decided to rather let my pictures, well the pretty ones are my husband's pics, to tell the story.
The first time we got to know this Cradle of Modern Cuisine was about the time it was awarded the 8th place in the Top 10 Restaurants in South Africa by EatOut Magazine, when we visited the restaurant for a friend's wedding. Back then we were blown away, not only because I'm always thrilled by the opportunity of trying many dishes at one go but also because with a set menu I don't keep wondering if I should ordered something else - it is set Menu. It was served with a perfectly paired South African wine which was likewise amazingly good. We were bound to come back...

...Happily enough we did come back and in fabulous company, as our newly found foodie soul mates came together for a Gourmet Sunday Lunch at Roots. The Menu varies every week and the pairing changes to match if dish. This time around we found all of the dishes were very tasty as well as playful, trying different techniques and combinations to entice the palate - and my imagination. I can't say that every combination was perfect or something couldn't have been better, but mainly I found their efforts to present us with a beautifully and thoroughly crafted meal rather dazzling.

Hence, when the time came to celebrate our 4-year anniversary, we chose to visit Roots once again, but this time we were staying over and the experience included a 7-course dinner and a 5-course breakfast. Although, I have to say it is a bit too much food for me, I certainly did want to try it all. It was good to get to experience the concept as a whole and I think it does make a difference in your appreciation of both the restaurant and its setting. The rooms where very spacious, comfortable and indulgent while the design of the hotel very eco-friendly, blending seamlessly with the African Savannah.
The service was outstandingly attentive, timely and professional, which matched by a culinary adventure that inserts modernist cuisine touches and is courageous in its combinations, makes for an extraordinary experience that we thoroughly enjoyed and we're bound to return for more!

Love, iSa


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  2. The best night out for a long time all the meals were perfect the staff were great.

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