Saturday, September 10, 2011

Addis in Cape Restaurant - Ethiopian Food in the heart of Cape Town

Food: Ethiopian, Curries and Beans.
Wine: Small Selection.
Service: Some staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the food but not wine.
Ambiance: Romantic with dim lights. Colorful and authentic Ethiopian feel.
In a Nutshell: An unforgettable dining experience where you share and eat delicious food with your hands.
 Don't miss: The tasting menu and great for a Romantic dinner!
Where: 41 Church St, City Bowl. Cape Town, Western Cape.
Tel: 021 424 5722

Following various recommendations from friends, we were eager to try the flavours of Ethiopia at Addis in Cape Restaurant. Our first attempt to go was on Sunday for dinner but they were closed, remember my previous complaint? We then tried them again on monday and succeeded to our delight. 

Decorated with a great variety of colour and what I imagine are Ethiopian artifacts, the place transports you in a matter of seconds to to your destination: Addis Ababa. The lights are dim and a lot of candle light brightens the room, giving it a relaxed, warm and romantic atmosphere.

The friendly waiter explained to us that being our first time it would be advisable to go for a tasting menu, so we could try a wider variety of dishes served on a very big round flat bread that looked more like a crepe. We were presented with 6 different stew-like dishes all served on this huge round flat bread: Lamb Curry, Chicken curry, Beef curry, Prawn curry, Lentils, Chickpeas. They also added some South African styled spinach on there, but we hardly touched it as everything else was just so good! They also served some of that round bread rolled up that we were instructed to use to wrap around the food with our hands and eat, as there are no such things as knifes and forks here. I found the whole experience of eating with my hands fully amazing! this might be my food addiction talking here, but I think it takes the connection to your food to another level. The menu also included bread with some Ethiopian spices as a starter and a deliciously rich Ethiopian Coffee and popcorn to end. I have to say that I'd highly recommend you go for the tasting menu too.

The evening was lovely, we had a great meal, a very nice service from the male waiter (not very good from the female waitress), but a great experience overall. Definitely a must go while in the Cape Town area.

Love, iSa


  1. Hola Isa!! vi tú blog en el fb de latinos en sudafrica!! Mira una cosa conoces algún lugar de comida Etiope en JHB?? gracias y saludos

  2. Hola Carolina! Mira la verdad no he ido a ninguno, pero me encantaria! He visto buenos comentarios sobre Abysinia Restaurant. Puedes ver un review en el siguiente link o llamarlos directamente a 072 918 8824, queda en Langermann Drive, just off Queen Street.

    Suerte con eso y Por favor me cuentas que tal te fue! Saludos y gracias por visitar Isa's Food Addiction :)

    Love, iSa


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